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For Those About To Rock; Livewire AC/DC v's Limehouse Lizzy

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’Hail! Hail to the good times
‘cos rock has got the right of way
For those about to rock,
We salute you’

The unique six man tribute to rock's greatest band AC/DC, complete with
trademark cannons, a wall of Marshalls and the power of High Voltage Rock
and Roll. And in this AC/DC’s fortieth year, the band cover both eras as
always to take you on a Rock night to remember.
You’ll be slap bang in the middle of the show with hit after hit such as
Back in Black, Rosie, Highway to hell, the songs go on and on until the
cannons fire ceremoniously to bring the evening to a superb crescendo. If by
this time you are still standing…..we salute you !!

From PRS Official awards, performing for Virgin Atlantic in Barbados and tv
appearances (BBC 2’s ‘Arena’ amongst others) to actually being recruited to
record and tour by members of the original Thin Lizzy, Limehouse Lizzy enter
their 21st year with their most explosive show and critically-acclaimed
lineup yet.
Despite international tours (UAE, Germany and previously USA, Scandinavia,
Caribbean etc), corporate clients (Mitsubishi, NatWest etc) and even book
appearances (The Rocker, Send In The Clones), they’ve shoehorned this, their
third co-headline tour with tribute giants Livewire, into their usual
exhausting year-round schedule. The Boys Are Back!

'Pick up your balls and load up your cannon
For a twenty one gun salute
For those about to rock
We salute you’

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