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Firegarden are agents working in the Sheffield branch of a time travelling bureau. They use their guitars, voice, keyboards and drum kit to extol the virtues of sexy, funky prog 'n' roll.

The band have released their statement of intent, the new album Choose Your Own Adventure, which is the distillation of everything that is good in the Sheffield music scene seen through the eyes of four tight friends. This is for you - you can choose your own adventure and be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

Front man Jake Mann (lead vocals, lead guitars) has been in the band since the Silurian epoch, and his personality shines through both the songs and live performances. Ashley Tuck has been in off and on since time immemorial, and strives for impact and groove on the drums. Bringing the grind and the dirt on keyboards is Andy Gotteri, who is as old as time itself. A relative newcomer is the ancient Chris Heald, a bastion of fair play on second lead vocals and bass.

The scene is great in Sheffield right now. Firegarden are central to the Day of the Riffids project alongside 42 other bands, which saw Firegarden headlining at the Plug. There's loads going on all the time and there's no better place than this website to keep up with what's happening.

Firegarden just like playing music. Don't try to stop them because you won't win; it'd be like standing in front of a burst dam. But do come and watch them; they promise to try not to drown you with their exuberant brand of prog 'n' roll. There are good times ahead, and you're all invited.

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