The Gig Cartel - Artist profiles: Everly Pregnant Brothers

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Everly Pregnant Brothers

Change is in the air for The Everly Pregnant Brothers, who were formed after a drunken dare by Pete Mckee and Richard Bailey in 2009. The success of the dare prompted the pair to draught in a bunch of disparate chaps who had three things in common, the love of beer, ukuleles and having a laugh. The band are forging bravely on in this new era of the band fronted by Kieran Wardle (The Hot Soles), still lovingly bringing you all your favourite brothers classics alongside new offerings. Everly Pregnant Brothers remain a national treasure in their native Sheffield, their playful tampering of classic songs has won them friends and fans far and wide. It's the feel-good, singalong, night out you've been craving. 


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