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Ever since EPICA emerged on the scene at the end of 2002, the band has been living in a whirlwind of studio recordings, interviews, screaming fans, live performances and a rock 'n roll lifestyle. With every new album EPICA pushes the boundaries by reinventing their distinctive style, and nothing seems to stop the band on their rise to the top.


With their previous record ‘Design Your Universe’, seen by many as a true milestone in bombastic and symphonic metal, EPICA seemed to have found the perfect musical mixture between classical and heavy music. The album entered the charts everywhere and consolidated their position among the top of today’s metal acts. An extensive tour marathon with over 200 headlining shows all over the globe proved both their ambition and their success.


This time EPICA once again raises the bar with their fifth album called 'Requiem of the Indifferent’. Full of trademark hymns, significant lyrics, powerful guitar riffing alternated with cinematic interludes and Simone Simons’ angelic voice.


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