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Definitely Mightbe

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"Drummer sacked!". "Liam leaves America tour early". "Noel retires from overseas touring". Etc etc. If it wasn’t a British rock band you’d think it was an episode from an American soap opera. But the story of a British rock band it is as the rollercoaster ride of "Oasis" continues and where will it end? Nobody knows but in their wake of bust ups and sibling rivalry they’ll leave behind some great music. Thankfully "Definitely Maybe" don’t share the same troubles as the real band but they do have a lot in common when it comes to reproducing the rousing anthems, stage presence and atmosphere the originals created. With nearly two hours of material to draw from including all the hit’s from all five album’s, live favourites, B-sides and a couple of Noel’s acoustic number’s when the lad’s start there’s no stopping them. And who want’s to stop when we’re all having a good time? Lead singer Ian Bears an uncanny resemblance to "Liam" and has worked as a a look alike in the UK appearing on the channel 4, Sky TV, Richard and Judy and been used for advertising campaigns which have appeared in Q Magazine, Loaded and the national Press. His latest job sees him starring in the video for the new single by Heavy Metal Legends MOTORHEAD due for release in July 05 As one very pleased punter said after a gig 200 miles away, (whom we’d never met before) "I’m going to see the real Oasis at Wembley later this year and if it’s half as good as that I’m in for a bloody good night!" So as good as the real thing? Well, they… Definitely Might Be

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