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In 1993 a band called the Psycho Monks rehearsed in the Water Tower, Blackley, Manchester. The band comprised of four members - Billy Foxcroft (vox) Steve Foxcroft (guitar), Carl Booth (Bass) and John Sidebottom (drums) After constant rehearsals the band managed to produce a very different rough demo, however the band had no gigs which caused some difficulties. The Foxcroft brothers would argue constantly (making the Gallagher\'s look like pussys) and unfortunately the band went their separate ways. Soon after Carl Booth decided to turn his attentions to drums instead of bass and paired up with Steve Foxcroft who after advertising for a vocalist took upon the task himself. Around the same time the pair advertised for a bassist and it was Ray Bowles who responded to the adverts. With Ray\'s no nonsense attitude towards playing bass, he fitted in perfectly with the band. Soon local lad Spoggy (rhythm guitar) joined in with the lads just in time to start gigging and thus BUSHART was born. BUSHART\'s first gig was at the Berkshire Tavern in Blackley (Foxy\'s local) supporting local band Hectors House and proved to be the busiest night in over ten years. The crowd loved BUSHART giving them a well deserved reaction (dancing and sitting on the amps) The hyper sound appeared as if the Devil himself was playing Bowlers booming bass and Boothy\'s crashing cymbals. Along with manic guitars from Foxy and Spoggy the place went berserk and was certainly a night to remember, especially for the lads in BUSHART themselves. For three years the band thrived, however during this time Boothy quit as his heart was more geared towards playing bass than drums. BUSHART became acoustic for a little while until Middleton lad Shaun came along. With this new addition, BUSHART\'S power came back with a blast. Shaun\'s drumming was at its best. The band went on to record various demos in Rochdale but eventually in 1996 BUSHART split. In 1997 Foxy and Bowler joined various other bands. Foxy went on to play with local band 10 Acre and Bowler in Moston Punksters, Tiny and Beau Normal. Foxy\'s 10 Acre supported Mansun at the Mancester Academy and local legends The Chameleons as well as Bellatrix. During this time Foxy took part in various radio interviews and always spoke out, never afraid to give his opinions. In 2003 both Ray Bowles and Steve Foxcroft went their seperate ways from their respective bands only to reform BUSHART in April 2005. Foxy\'s rhythmic acoustic style and the steady bass of Ray Bowles unearthed a different style for BUSHART, becoming more acoustic based but still producing witty songwriting with catchy lyrics. Gig\'s came a plenty so BUSHART once again returned to the studio and recorded six new tracks, enlisting the help of drummer Andrew \'Bod\' Smith from local indie band Kni9hts. since these recordings, JOHN LEVER of THE CHAMELEONS has taken over the drumming duties and has taken the band in a new direction, and the band has been in the studio for the past 12 months writing and recording their debut album! artwork is being done by REG of THE CHAMELEONS, and photograhic work is being undertaken by TONY SKINKIS the 5th chameleon!! the album is due out april time and pre order`s are being taken now! the first set of albums will be autographed , so get your name on the list! go to the blog, ALBUM PRE-ORDER on the profile,   I edited my profile with Thomas Myspace Editor V4.4

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