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Blackmore's Blood - The No1 Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore

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Blackmore's Blood

The #1 Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore


Since their creation in 2016, Blackmore's Blood's reputation for presenting the authentic tribute to the genius, flamboyance and flair of Ritchie Blackmore's music from the rock years of Deep Purple & Rainbow, incorporating not only the true sound of the man himself but also the showmanship, has lead to increasing critical acclaim and a demand for more shows nationwide.

Formed from across the UK, the band share an unequalled determination, commitment and passion to reproduce the look and sound that fans of these two great bands want to see and hear.

On vocals, Jim is a powerhouse. With the astonishing ability to recreate the many singers from both bands. Phil on Bass and Keith on Drums provide the perfect rhythm section, pulling the band together with pinpoint accuracy. Andy on Keyboards has been a fan of the late great

Jon Lord for many years, giving him inspiration and the conviction to honour and emulate the sound of the great man himself. Mal on guitar has studied and perfected his style and ability to mirror that of Ritchie for over 30 years. Blackmore's Blood is Mal's concept and the name is derived from the fact that Mal is a true bloodline relative of Ritchie Blackmore. He has the look of him and an unrivalled ability to play and sound like him too. With support and acknowledgement from personnel who have worked closely with Ritchie during the past 40 years and more, it is clear why it has been said this band's own Ritchie, really is the closest and the finest tribute to Ritchie Blackmore anyone is likely to see. 

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