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The noise pop group Beverly blend '80s indie pop (Shop Assistants) and '90s alternative (the Breeders) into a catchy, happy mix that sounds very much at home in the 2010s. Initially featuring indie icon Frankie Rose on drums and vocals and vocalist/guitarist Drew Citron, the group formed during Rose's late-2013 tour. Citron, who had also been in the indie pop group Avan Lava, was playing keyboards and guitar in Rose's band when the two bonded over similar musical tastes and decided to start their own project. With Citron mostly taking the songwriting lead, their first appearance was on Kanine Records' 2014 Record Store Day compilation Non Violent Femmes with the song "Honey Do." Their debut album, Careers, also on Kanine, followed in July. After the album's release, Rose left the band to return to solo work, while Citron carried on with new bandmembers Scott Rosenthal (Crystal Stilts, the Beets) on bass and Jamie Ingalls on drums. A single, "Crooked Cop," appeared in 2015. That song plus nine more featured on the next Beverly album. Produced and played by Citron and Rosenthal, the album added dreamy Twin Peaks-inspired ballads and a lighter overall touch. The Blue Swell was released by Kanine in May of 2016.

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