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Aaron Keylock

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 “If you’ve ever been a fan of blues-influenced rock from the likes of Kings Of Leon, Jack White, The Black Crowes or Lynyrd Skynyrd, then you’ll appreciate the impressively talented Aaron Keylock. With guitar-playing skills to die for, the looks of a young Jimmy Page and a growing reputation as a dynamic musician and gifted songwriter that’s sweeping like wildfire through the live circuit, it’s all the more remarkable when you discover he’s aged just 16. This feels like someone who’ll be racking up record sales and selling out gigs for several decades to come. This free download sets things up nicely for what promises to be a stunning debut album towards the back end of next year. We know of several labels sniffing around him and expect he’ll be one of the hottest word-of-mouth festival attractions next summer too. His first headline London gig is promised for sometime in January. All hail, your favourite new guitar hero” - Record Of The Day Nov 28th 2014

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