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    August 2014

  • 29/08/14 16:11

    Bruce Springsteen Writes Childrens Book

    Outlaw Pete is based on his 2009 song of the same name

    Bruce Springsteen has co-written a children’s book based on his 2009 song Outlaw Pete.

    Loosely in keeping with the ‘Working on a Dream’ opener’s themes, Outlaw Pete tells the story of a bank-robbing baby whose exploits become a meditation on sin, fate, and free will.

    Springsteen joined forces with writer and cartoonist Frank Caruso and took direct influence from the 1950s book Brave Cowboy Bill, which his mum read to him as a child.

    “Outlaw Pete is essentially the story of a man trying to outlive and outrun his sins,” Springsteen said.

    Caruso added: “When Bruce wrote ‘Outlaw Pete’ he didn’t just write a great song, he created a great character.

    “The first time I heard the song this book played out in my head. Like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Dorothy Gale and for me, even Popeye, Outlaw Pete cuts deep into the folklore of our country and weaves its way into the fabric of great American literary characters.”

    Outlaw Pete is released in America via Simon & Schuster on Tuesday 4th November. A UK release is yet to be announced.

  • 29/08/14 13:43

    Listen: Led Zeppelin Unveil Rare Version Of Black Dog

    The trailer for the ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ deluxe re-release has premiered.

    A rarely heard version of Led Zeppelin's seminal classic ‘Black Dog’ has been unveiled.

    Simply titled ‘Black Dog (Basic Track with Guitar Overdubs)’ the raw track provides the soundtrack to a trailer promoting the remastered version of ‘Led Zeppelin IV’.

    Opening with the four symbols that form the album’s inner sleeve and represent each band member, the clip melds archive live footage and photos with images of posters, early seventies promo shots, press cuttings and the album artwork.

    Following the release of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums earlier this summer, the expanded versions of ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ and ‘Houses of the Holy’ land on Monday 27th October.

    As always there is a smorgasbord of rarities and hidden gems across the various formats plus a super deluxe boxed set for ardent fans with deeper pockets.

    The deluxe CD, LP and digital download track-listings are as follows:

    1. Black Dog
    2. Rock And Roll
    3. The Battle of Evermore
    4. Stairway To Heaven
    5. Misty Mountain Hop
    6. Four Sticks
    7. Going To California
    8. When The Levee Breaks
    Companion Audio Disc
    1. Black Dog – Basic Track With Guitar Overdubs
    2. Rock And Roll – Alternate Mix
    3. The Battle Of Evermore – Mandolin/Guitar Mix From Headley Grange
    4. Stairway To Heaven – Sunset Sound Mix
    5. Misty Mountain Hop – Alternate Mix
    6. Four Sticks – Alternate Mix
    7. Going To California – Mandolin/Guitar Mix
    8. When The Levee Breaks – Alternate UK Mix

    1. The Song Remains The Same
    2. The Rain Song
    3. Over The Hills And Far Away
    4. The Crunge
    5. Dancing Days
    6. D’yer Mak’er
    7. No Quarter
    8. The Ocean
    Companion Audio Disc
    1. The Song Remains The Same – Guitar Overdub Reference Mix
    2. The Rain Song – Mix Minus Piano
    3. Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Mix Backing Track
    4. The Crunge – Rough Mix - Keys Up
    5. Dancing Days – Rough Mix With Vocal
    6. No Quarter – Rough Mix With JPJ Keyboard Overdubs - No Vocal
    7. The Ocean – Working Mix

  • 29/08/14 12:01

    Thunder Announce Dates for 2015

    Thunder have announced three dates early next year with a Planet Rock pre-sale this Wednesday at 9am.

    UK rockers Thunder have announced a three date arena tour with special guests REEF and Tax The Heat for mid March next year.

    Thur 12th - Leeds First Direct Arena

    Fri 13th – Birmingham NIA

    Sat 14th – London Eventim Apollo

    18 Top 40 hits singles in the UK, a stack of gold and silver albums around the world, a whole host of awards and a fanbase of unswerving loyalty are accomplishments most bands can only dream of, but for British rock band Thunder these are stepping stones in a twenty-five career that have ensured that whenever they have stepped away from the limelight their legend has only grown further.

    Having shared the stage with both Aerosmith at Clapham Calling and Mott The Hoople at The O2 in the past year, Thunder will soon emerge from the studio with a brand new album and their own long-awaited shows. Performing to over 20,000 fans across these three headline concerts, in association with Live Nation, the band will be delivering a set of stone-cold hits alongside new material from one of the landmark albums of their illustrious career.

    Lead singer Danny Bowes says; “There’s always been an incredible bond between our band and Thunder fans all around the world, nowhere more so than the UK, and we’re really proud of that. Our audience has continued to grow over the past few years, so these shows will be a coming together of our old fans and the new ones in a fantastic celebration. We’re extremely proud of the new album and we can’t wait to play the new songs alongside the classics.”

    Joining Thunder on these shows will be REEF, who will be appearing as Special Guests. Reef have clocked up a sizeable array of hit singles and a formidable live presence since first exploding onto the music scene in 1994 as part of a revitalized Britrock scene alongside the likes of Skunk Anansie and Feeder.

    Says lead singer Gary Stringer, “It is our great pleasure to be heading out on the road with a standalone band like Thunder. They’ve carved out their own path without conforming to anybody else’s ideals and we can’t wait to get on stage with them next year and have a huge party. Let the good times roll!”

    Joining Thunder and Reef will be sharp-dressed, rhythm & blues rockers Tax The Heat from Bristol, whose debut EP was produced by the legendary Chris Goss (QOTSA, The Cult, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Masters Of Reality). As described at Planet Rockstock; “They turn up looking like a modern-day Beatles in their suits. You wonder what’s going on here then? Then they launch into their tunes… and your jaw hits the floor!”

    This tour brings together three great British bands, each with their own individual take on rock’n’roll, to deliver a fantastic night of music and celebration for fans old and new.

    Planet Rock will have a 48 Hour presale this Wednesday starting at 9am


  • 28/08/14 16:03

    Rainbow Reunion ‘A Very Big Possibility’

    However, ex frontman Joe Lynn Turner says he's "not supposed to talk about it"

    Former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner says it’s a “very big possibility” that Ritchie Blackmore will resurrect the band in the near future.

    In an interview with Rock Overdose in Greece, Turner, who fronted the group from 1980 to 1984, was asked if he was aware of any plans to reform Rainbow.

    Despite saying he’s “not supposed to talk about it”, Turner handily went on to talk about it.

    "Well, I'm gonna be honest with you right now. Yes. Possibly. (Reforming the band) is very possible," he said.

    "Last year, I wouldn't say it. But this year I say it. It's possible. It's a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen.

    “I heard talk of it and all I can say is I'm not supposed to talk about it, but I'm talking to you now, and all I want you to do is say yes.

    “There's a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. And it would be phenomenal."

    Turner was the third Rainbow vocalist behind the late-great Ronnie James Dio (1975 to 1979) and Graham Bonnet (1979 to 1980).

    He was succeeded by Doogie White when the band reformed in 1994 until their ultimate demise three years later.

    A total of 23 musicians performed in Rainbow over the years alongside band founder and lynchpin Ritchie Blackmore.