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Rarely do bands get the opportunity to experiment with what might have been, Inspiral Carpets find themselves in that unique position.
2011 sees the band re-group with their original singer Stephen Holt taking over lead vocal duties from Tom Hingley.
Holt formed Inspiral Carpets in 1983 with lead guitarist Graham Lambert and played a pivotal role in delivering 2 classic, genre defining EPs “Planecrash” & “Trainsurfing”.  As well as the legendary “Dung 4” 11 song cassette album (8000 copies sold in 1987), which many fans still see as a vital artefact in the history of one of Britain’s most influential band of the 80s and 90s.
As the band started to gain critical acclaim, Holt left in 1989, to be replaced by Hingley.  The rest as they say is history; with Inspiral Carpets providing the world with 4 chart topping albums, 13 UK Top Forty singles and numerous sold out tours.
Now, Inspiral Carpets want to explore their early years, reverting to the original line up of Boon, Gill, Holt, Lambert and Walsh.
With a new found vigour and energy, Inspiral Carpets have rediscovered what brought them together in the first place; a desire to play essential, infectious, garage music.
Offering a nod to the past but with their vision locked onto the future, Inspiral Carpets are planning to record their first new material in 15 years. Coupled with injecting a new lease of life into their classic back catalogue, their legendary live shows promise to be a treat for die-hard fans and new found converts alike.

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