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English metal-lords SAXON continue to show no signs of quitting with their 21st album, "Battering Ram". Enjoying a prolific run under the same veteran lineup (with Nigel Glockler returning to the kit a decade ago), Biff Byford, Paul Quinn and the SAXON troupe give zero ounce of slack on "Battering Ram", which is pretty damned remarkable as the band creeps upon its fortieth anniversary. Actually, "Battering Ram" is another impressive, Perhaps the only real difference between "Battering Ram" and SAXON's most recent albums, including 2013's "Sacrifice", is that they are slightly heavier. Biff Byford notes the band dispensed with some of the rock 'n' roll elements SAXON has been playing around with and opted more for a, well, ramming effect here. The title track drops the listener against the iron barrier at the front of a SAXON show, comparing the experience to a metal church (no doubt a loving tip of the hat to their American power metal comrades) and "Battering Ram" launches as a tried 'n' true anthem.

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